Tasty Blue

Tasty Blue

Aan adventure through a series of more than 50 levels
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Tasty Blue is a Windows-based game that takes you on an adventure through a series of levels. You play as a goldfish with a voracious appetite whose sole purpose is to eat as much as it can. In the initial stage, you start as a small goldfish swimming around in a fishbowl. Your mission is to collect as much food as you can within a specific amount of time. The more food that you eat, the bigger you grow.

In the first level, once you grow large enough in size, you are required to leap from the goldfish bowl into the sink. From there, you will be taken on an action-packed journey through the ocean. You begin by eating small prawns, but as you grow larger, you can eat large prawns, fish, rubber ducks, oysters, and even trash lying at the bottom of the ocean.

Tasty Blue lacks an extensive storyline or plot. However, the game makes up for its one-dimensional story with playability. It is a fun game that is fast-paced and enjoyable. You are able to control your fish with the arrow keys, touchpad, or mouse. Playing with a mouse or touchpad allows you to control your fish much easier, which is great for laptop play. Along the extensive journey of more than fifty levels, Tasty Blue provides hours of fun to casual gamers of all ages.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Controlled with mouse, touchpad, or keyboard
  • Single player and cooperative modes
  • Good number of levels
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Poor storyline
  • Simplistic concept
  • Not very challenging
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